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Ms 001 | Multitask system

MSMultitask System Feat Image.png

Effortless Setup & Monitoring: The MS Multitask System

Introducing the MS: a modular unit that effortlessly combines a high-pressure pump with a mist collector. With a built-in PLC, it continuously monitors all its accessories, ensuring optimal performance. Universally compatible with all machine tools and coolants, the MS ensures a hassle-free installation. 

Optimal Performance with MS: Monitoring & Universal Compatibility

Designed for versatile piping connections to the machine tool, the MS features an integrated touch screen for operation monitoring and seamless communication with the machine tool's PLC. It can be outfitted with both a fire suppressor and a chiller.


Thanks to its multidirectional piping ports, the MS ensures straightforward installation, no matter its position relative to the machine tool.

MS: Multitask System, a modular unit used to monitor the machine tool. Can be fitted with a mist collector and a high pressure pump.



Mist Collector


Optional Fire Suppressor 


Optional Heat Exchanger or Chiller 


Touch Screen


Alarm Signal Tower


Coolant Tank


High Pressure Pump incl. Feed Pump

Technical Data

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