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Mt 001 | Multitask tower

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Streamlined High-Pressure Solution Integrating Oil Mist Collector and Fire Suppressor 

The MT is a modular and compact solution that combines a high pressure pump with an oil mist collector and fire suppressor. 

Efficient Space Utilization with the MT

The objective is to minimize floor space and facilitate the installation process. The MISS 001 pump fits below the bar feeder while a dedicated vertical stand holds the mist collector and the fire suppressor.

All of the equipment is interfaced. The mist collector works on demand based on the logic of the pump. The fire suppressor protects the mist collector as well in case of fire.


MT Multitask Tower: combines a mist collector and a high pressure pump


HEPA Filter


Mist Collector


Vertical Modular Stand


Main Control Box


Optional Fire Suppressor


High Pressure Pump

Technical Data

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