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VR 8 | Variable High Pressure Pump

VR 8 Pressure Pump Feat Image (1).png

Seamless Integration & Reliability: The VR Series High-Pressure Pump Advantage

The VR Series high pressure pumps are designed for versatility and seamlessly integrate with machining centers, CNC lathes, Swiss type, and twin turret machines. Easy to install and adaptable for coolant or oil, its unique membrane pump design minimizes maintenance and avoids coolant contact, ensuring consistent reliability.

Optimal Coolant Regulation for Machining

The VR8 Twin boasts dual independent coolant systems, allowing for tailored coolant pressures depending on the tool or operation at hand. Ideal for managing both internal and external coolant in machining centers, it can be further enhanced with a mist collector to elevate your shop's working conditions.

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VR 8 Pressure Pump Diagram.png


Heat Exchanger (Air or Liquid Option)


Electrical Panel


Local or Remote Manifolds up to 12 Outlet Ports


High Pressure Gear Pump (70 Bar)




Pressurized Filter 0.005 mm rating


Inlet Pump

Technical Data

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