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european machine products

Unlock the full potential of your machines with European Machine Products (EMP). Your trusted partner for high-quality CNC equipment and accessories. 

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European Machine Products (EMP) is your partner for all equipment around machine tools. We handle all components around your machines (like high-pressure coolant systems, mist collectors, parts cleaning, and automation) as well as inside your machine (like clamping systems, tool holders, etc.).


EMP will help you optimize your production and be your trusted supplier for all accessory needs!

Explore the Range: Precision Accessories for CNC Machines

MTMultitask Tower Image_3.png

Multitask Tower

Swiss Type Machines (Oil Only)

A compact solution that combines a high pressure pump, mist collector, and a fire suppressor.

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MSMultitask System Feat Image.png

Multitask System

All Machine Types

A modular unit that effortlessly combines a high-pressure pump with a mist collector.

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MTMultitask Tower Image_3.png

High Pressure Pump

Swiss Type Machines

A customizable high pressure pump with a compact design that fits below a bar feeder.

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VR 8 Pressure Pump Feat Image.png

Variable High Pressure Pumps

All Machine Types

The VR series high pressure pumps integrate with machining centers, lathes, and Swiss type machines.

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EMP Mist Collector blank.jpg

Mist Collector

All Machine Types

The MC series mist collectors, available in two sizes, integrates with high-pressure systems and machine tools. 

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Our service partners play a crucial role in distributing our products. They specialise in retrofitting machines older than 12 months, tailoring solutions to meet customer requirements.

Belfor AG: Serving the French-speaking and Swiss regions of Switzerland.

MSV 74: Operating in Haute Savoie (74), Savoie (73), Rhône (69), Ain (01), Doubs (25), and Jura (39).

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